MHCI Capstone Project

Collaboration with Raymond Liaw, Cátia Sousa, Shailie Thakkar. Spring and Fall 2013

The goal of this project was to design an attractive and educational experience for the Casa da Luz Museum, a museum devoted to the history of electricity in Madeira. The experience had to be bilingual (Portuguese and English), and appeal to both young students and older tourists.

Research was incredibly important to this project. Our team started off with no knowledge of how electricity is produced, and very little experience in building interactive exhibits. Our research goals were clear: gain the relevant information we needed and learn how to communicate that information in a compelling experience. No small task.

To answer our research questions, we conducted over 40 interviews with subject matter experts on power generation and museum design, created cultural probes for Portuguese primary school students, and visited and analyzed 6 science/technology museums in Portugal and Germany.

Our final deliverable was to create a concept for a full exhibit narrative with five distinct modules, and to fully prototype one module. In the final semester of the project, we designed and built a full interactive game with a touchscreen interface and LED wall feedback.

Link to our final report


prototypeOur final prototype in use

Final concept video
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