Collaboration with Kevin Kan (Industrial Design) and Jennifer Tran(HCI): 1 week.

I worked in a team of 3 to design a thermostat in 1 week. Our design provides the elegance of expensive thermostats such as the Nest at a much lower price point by offloading computation and automation controls to a webapp. This “Nest for the Working Man” maintains a standard wall-mount thermostat unit to display the system state while allowing customization on the app. We designed a unique way to adjust the automation settings on the app by manipulating a simple line graph. This line motif is seen on both the app and the physical thermostat.




The thermostat is a simple screen that displays the current system state, including actual temperature, the desired temperature, the current automated schedule, and the date and time. It features three touch points that allows the user to raise or lower the temperature or cancel or activate automated schedules.

app screens



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